Discordant Hemispheres are an Italian alternative progressive metal band formed in Rome in summer 2016 by bass guitarist Andrea Manno and singer Marco Patarca who want to bring life to their new artistic ideas they have not had the chance to develop in their already existing metal projects. 

Their new ideas find significance in a strong progressive style along with a great musicality juxtaposed with a growl voice and a pastiche of further non-metal genres, which have always been important source of inspiration for Manno and Patarca.

Discordant Hemispheres write about a variety of themes which come from the band’s
music background and personal life mindset.

The lyrics peculiarity lies on the core of the writing style based on the frequent shift from English to Italian, which is the band’s own language and, they say, a too often manhandled great language.

During the first months of activity, the two artists call guitarist Andrea Scarinci with whom they have collaborated for other metal projects; now Scarinci is ready to accept the challenge and to become officially a member of Discordant Hemispheres playing an eight-string guitar.

The band is taking shape also having some drafts of songs in the pipeline. They look for
further guitarists to build up a guitar rhythm section, but they find nobody satisfying their music needs.

Finally, they change their mind and start to look for a keyboard player; for this role, after a while, the band finds Riccardo Cafini, a young talented keyboard player with a classical music background and a passion about electronic synthesizers.

To integrate the band, only the rhythm section is missing, but the members struggle to find a definitive drummer able to work hard for the project. Time passes by and the band does not even have a name yet. Ultimately, they go for special one: “Discordant Hemispheres”.

The quartet spends more than a year writing and rehearsing to finally start recording the first songs.

The band’s work results in a project made up with the production of singles, each of which is released along with its own artwork-cover, and artistic meaning and direction.

For the drums, Discordant Hemispheres opt for the specific selection of drummers that have different styles; in so doing, the band collaborates with unique professional drummers who plays and records one single, which therefore ends up being different from the others and enriched by the specific style of the player.

Up until the first of half of December 2017, Discordant Hemispheres released the first
single entitled "Inferno + Paradiso" which consists of two pieces that give the name to the single itself.

Discordant Hemispheres have already planned their next moves for the future to record
and release their next 4 singles soon. 


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